Worldmusic with strong Slavic roots in which musicians from Czechia, Belarus and Russia get together.
Originally we performed as a trio of Marešová Yasinski Vašíček, having released a successful album "Kéž bouře by přišla" (If a storm would come) in 2016. Later we began working with Russian violinist Ilia Chernoklinov and drummer Radek Doležal. Now we've started using the name RAZAM, which in Belarusian means together. Vigor, authencity and excellent sound of Marešová Yasinski RAZAM live concerts are always great musical experience for the audience.

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With the brilliant Czech singer and songwriter Radka Fišarová we perform French shanson music and her own compositions. I'm very glad to be involved in her project together with other great musicians. In 2015 we released the album "Rendez-vous" together with Jazz4 Vladimíra Strnada. Visit the page of Czech Edith Piaf here.

(c) Natallia Kuzniatsova
(c) Natallia Kuzniatsova



The brainchild of guitarist Paul Novotny, a Canadian musician with Czech roots, Jazz Gypsy N Tango is an international trio based in Prague, Czech Republic. Jazz Gypsy N Tango plays a potpourri of styles that reflect Paul's life in various parts of the world - modern American jazz and funk, Argentinian tango nuevo, South American samba, and French manouche jazz. Music played by Jazz Gypsy N Tango is music filled with energy and emotions, performed by virtuoso musicians: Belarusian accordionist Sasha Yasinski and leading Czech bassist Petr Tichy.

(c) Patrick Marek
(c) Patrick Marek


Aliaksandr Yasinski, Petr Tichý and Radek Doležal have been meeting each other in various musical projects for many years. They started creating together as a trio in July 2023.

The musicians will have their premiere concert at Prague's Jazz Dock on the 13th of January 2024.

The repertoire is mainly original. Variety of musical styles (jazz, fusion, world music, rock), attention to details and freshness of the sound.

Unique music performed by three top musicians. The combination of the instruments will charm listeners with vigorous energy and virtuosity. The trio brings joy from creation of music. 

(c) David Kumermann
(c) David Kumermann


Founded in 2013 this multinational band takes inspiration from Klezmer, Gypsy, Balkan, Slovakian, Georgian, Armenian and Belarusian music. Do not hesitate to visit our web page here:


Together with that great Belarusian singer, frontman of bands Vuraj and Fratrez, we are working on the arrangements of Belarusian folklore songs. The most important thing for us is to respect original melodies and emotions, be natural and go deeply into the roots of Belarusian folklore.

August-September 2017 we recorded album  "Darogi"  (The Roads) on the lyrics by famous Belarusian writer and poet Uladzimir Karatkievich and poet Anatol Sys.


In October 2017 Belarusian songwriter, poet and artist, frontman of bands Recha and Harotnica, Andrus' Takindang and I released the album "Hostel". This project of minimalistic chanson was recorded in my home studio in Prague. Lyrics and music by A.Takindang, accordion, piano and arrangments by me, viola by I. Chernoklinov.

(c) Désirée Burenstrand Schyman
(c) Désirée Burenstrand Schyman


Ensemble Morph is a group of 13 musicians of different music backgrounds from Sweden and Belarus. This ensemble of music improvisation is lead by Swedish musician Herman Müntzing. Once a year we meet for a concert tour around different countries of Europe.

(c) Mikhail Leschenko
(c) Mikhail Leschenko


Fratrez is the project of Belarusian musicians (voice, guitar, violin, flute, cello, percussion, accordion, trombone) lead by singer Siarzhuk Douhushau. The main creating process is based on common improvisation, so each musician can shape the music and has an equal role. Perhaps the best description of style can be "sacral minimalism". Enjoy and buy our last album here.

(c) Liza Bakhurevich
(c) Liza Bakhurevich


Bosae Sonca is a Belarusian rock band (vocals, guitar, bass, drums, accordion) lead by songwriter/singer/guitar player Ales' Kot-Zajcau. I've been playing in that band since 2009. We've published a couple of singles and EPs on the Internet and 2 LP CDs "Zalaty" (January 2013) and "Adpusci" (October 2013) with the label Vigma in Minsk, Belarus.


Two good friends of mine - guitarist Nikita Krein and violist Ilia Chernoklinov and me founded this band in Minsk back in 2008. Now we all live and work in Prague, Czech Republic. Our aim is not to limit ourselves in any particular style or genre, but try reach and express different moods, thoughts and emotions - in our music you can hear elements of classical, folklore, rock, jazz, ambient and contemporary music. We published our first CD on Great Winds Records (Metz, France). Our second album "Falling into the light" was recorded and mastered at my home studio in Prague in 2016.

Photo by Viktor Lom.